Roger Calero


Roger Calero is an award-winning artist who produces a wide

range of traditional designs, but excels in fine geometric pottery.

Roger has won five special mentions and two prizes in recent art

contests with his work. He took second place in a national contest

in Nicaragua and in 2004 won third place in an international

exhibition in Spain. This prize-winning geometric piece and several

other unique designs were purchased by us to showcase his work.


Roger is in his mid-40's and has his shop and home at the end of the

street just before the village cemetery. Here he lives with his family,

including his wife, three children and one grandchild. Roger is the

uncle of Lester Perez. All the family members are involved in the pottery business in some way. He has been producing pottery for the past 25 years in a shop that currently supports 12 other people.


Roger learned his craft from his parents. He prefers to work in much of the traditional styles in a variety of shapes and is particularly good with floral designs. He is also known for the fine detail of his geometric pottery styles, and also does some pre-Columbian designs. These days he spends more time with designing and finishing the pottery pieces while his workers focus on other stages of production.


In addition to producing a variety of pottery styles, his shop also prepares the clay for himself and other artists in San Juan. . Roger’s workers prepare a large batch of clay almost every month to produce about 1,500 pounds at a time. Roger uses about 1,000 pounds every 3 months for his own purposes and sells the remainder to other artists in San Juan.

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