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The Living Light Studio Featured Artists:


While most of the people of the village of San Juan de Oriente are involved in pottery making, and among them are many talented craftsmen, there are a few artists that stand out as true masters of the art. These are some of the many people that we were introduced to over the years as we sought out those that best represented the range of pottery making styles and captured both the traditions of Nicaraguan pottery and also excelled in artistic quality. As a result, these are also the artists that Living Light Studio has developed a relationship. Their work represents some of the best from the area.


These featured artists are a select group of true master artists of San Juan de Oriente and comprise the artists Living Light Studio has selected to most closely work with. Since 2007 Living Light Studio has been working to promote the works of some of the finest artists of the area. The following featured artists are some of the finest we know and have worked with. There are many other talented artists in the village; we simply haven’t spent as much time with them.


Living Light Studio continues to meet new artists and has purchased and sold pottery from several other artists in San Juan de Oriente. It is expected that we will continue to work with additional artists as this project continues and it is likely that new acquaintances will be among the featured artists in the future.


Aracely Salazar

Picture 654.jpg

Fanor Lopez

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Duilio Jimenez

Jacobo Potosme

Juan Paulino

a DSC_0135.jpg

Lourdes Martinez

Lucile Martinez

Miguel Calero

Darwing Calero

Lester Perez

Pedro Guirrero

Roger Calero

Teodolo Potosme

Valentin Lopez

Zaida Perez

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To learn more about San Juan de Oriente and its pottery-making tradition, purchase a copy of "A Village of Pottery".  First published in 2012, this large-format book has been revised and contains more than 200 color pictures to illustrate the story of the village and its pottery tradition.  Author, Bill Volkert, he has been visiting Nicaragua since 2002.  During his travels he discovered for himself the pottery from San Juan de Oriente.  His first souvenir pieces captured the interest of his friend Howie Zanto, who began to import the first large shipments of pottery from the area representing a wide range of local artists.


This book describes in detail the many steps involved in the pottery-making process, plus abundant pictures of the village, the styles of pottery, and an introduction to the artists. 


A portion of the profits from the sale of this book will be used to fund scholarships for the people of San Juan de Oriente to attend a series of classes at the Pottery School. 

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