Pedro Guerrero


Pedro is 35 years old.  He and his wife have two children,

a 15 year old son and a 14 year old daughter. At this time

the children are just beginning to help with some of the

family business. He operates a rather small shop and

currently employs only two other people. Pedro has been

working with pottery for 22 years and learned his trade

from his parents and grandparents.


He continues to experiment with his work, stating that he tries

to make each piece better than the last. Over the years he has

won 25 awards for his work and displays the seven he is most

proud of.  His workshop is located in the room next door to his house.


He often works on unique modern designs which may result in less production, but allows greater opportunity for experimenting with his art.  Pedro also works in small to medium traditional style pieces showing great detail and skill in producing these smaller pieces.


Pedro says that he does his traditional pieces to stay alive, but tries to focus on new creative styles for galleries.  He also produces geometric designs along with his very modern designs, some with unique shapes and concepts.  Much of his work is done for galleries in Managua and Masaya, Nicaragua.  Pedro is the nephew of Valentin Lopez.

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