Miguel Calero


Miguel Angel, also known as Michelangelo, was

elected mayor of San Juan de Oriente in 2009.

He is a well recognized figure in the village for

both his community service and his art. Miguel

is 42 years old and has been producing pottery

for 17 years. He learned from his grandparents

and today works with his wife Demaris Elena Lopez.

They have three girls, but two are rather young

and the oldest is studying medicine.


His shop employs eight workers who study his technique and work on his designs in various stages of the pottery making process. Miguel focuses his work on pre-Columbian pieces, from which his shop takes its name. They also produce geometric, modern and utilitarian pottery. However, he is best known for his extremely detailed geometric pieces, which are produced with attention to the finest detail.


Miguel has won special recognition in local, national and international competitions, including awards at exhibitions in Spain and Puerto Rico. The intricate workmanship of his pieces commonly commands a higher price than some other artists in the village.


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