Lester Perez


Lester Perez has a shop and an open-air showroom, called "Ceramica Perez",

located toward the end of the main street just beyond the church.  Here he lives

with his wife Mayra in a small house attached to the rear of his shop and adjacent

to the work area.  Lester is the master artist in the family and has been creating

pottery for the past 20 years.


He learned pottery making mostly from his father, Roberto, but also learned from

his mother, Gladys.  Additionally, he has formal training in art and works in other

mediums, including oil and acrylic paints.  Some of his art subjects have been

incorporated into his modern pottery styles.  Lester focuses on designs for geometric and contemporary pieces, while Mayra works on utilitarian and traditional pottery.  Lester enjoys working with pre-Columbian designs, which he has also painted on the walls of his shop.  Like many master artists, he focuses on creating new designs and specialized pieces, as well as his painting.


Recently, Lester was commissioned to produce a massive replica of the Jaguar Pot for the village, which sits on display along the main street of town. It has become a statue to identify this “Village of Pottery”.  For something of this size, he said that he used cement to produce it.

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Statue of Jaguar Pot located along the main street of the village.

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