Juan Paulino


Juan Paulino has a rather large show room at the entrance to

his home where dozens of his most recent works stand on

display on simple wooden shelves that line the walls. Juan is

41 years old and has been making pottery for the past 20 years.

He learned his craft from his parents and these days produces

many of the traditional designs as well as some pre-Columbian

styles. Additionally, he also produces extremely intricate

geometric works with exacting detail. His wife Azucena

specializes in making designs for a number of pieces and focuses

her work on smaller geometric pieces as well as colorful traditional styles.


Together, they have a family of five, with two girls and three boys, but all of them are still young and are just beginning to help with the pottery business at this time. His shop, as is typical of most all of the artists, is located directly behind his house and he sells his most recent works out of the front room of his home.


He employs three other workers who produce his pieces while he specializes on creating the designs and works on the final stages of completion, particularly on the detailed geometric pieces.  Among his awards are a number of special mentions that he has received in both local and national pottery contests.

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