Fanor Lopez, 

Candida Caño Lopez, Isaias and Leonardo

Fanor has been working with pottery more than 20 years.  He learned his craft from Duilio Jimenez, who is his brother-in-law.  His shop was located on the main street, but he recently purchased a small plot of land where he built his new shop.  He has a family of three boys and one girl and told us that the entire family is involved in pottery making, particularly his two older boys, Isaias and Leonardo.  Otherwise, he has no other employees.


Fanor works in a variety of styles, but is particularly good with traditional designs and shows tremendous detail and exactness in his geometric pieces.  He often relies on animal motifs to decorate his plates and geometric designs. His geometrics tend to rely on natural tone backgrounds with black or dark monochrome colors and fine traditional patterns reflecting something of the ancient pre-Columbian designs.  His signature style geometrics incorporate a “hearts and bubbles” pattern.

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