Duilio Jimenez

Duilio operates a small workshop at his home along the back streets of San Juan.  Duilio has a family of four, including 3 boys and one girl.  During our many visits with Duilio, we have gotten to know his youngest son Tato, who has been making his own pottery since he was eleven years old.  He began by making very small finger pots for practice and only recently has begun to work on the kick wheel.


Duilio began making pottery some 30 years ago when he was just eleven years old.  He learned his trade from his mother, as his father was a carpenter.  Both of his parents still live in the area.  His mother still produces her own pottery and his father works at his profession.


Duilio tends to produce work of the traditional style with many variations among these patterns, as well as re-creating some pre-Columbian pottery styles.  Recently, Duilio has come across ways to produce some new colors in his art work, including rich rose and turquoise hues.  When asked how he did this or what kinds of pigments or methods he used, he said that many of the individual artists have their trade secrets.  It is these kinds of innovations that sets some of the artists apart from the others.  When asked whether he has won any awards for his work, Duilio stated “Only from God – for giving me the opportunity to make pottery”.


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